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2015 Home Improvement Landscape Flowers

It’s already Spring time and that means time to change the clocks, rotate the wardrobe and start the to do lists. Of course, there are those things that will never change. Running toilets need to be fixed, walls need to be painted and this year you will have to take the squeak out of that step. Then there are those elective projects, like redecorating or maybe upgrading your kitchen, bath or appliances. Whatever improvements you plan (or don’t plan) for, there are new techniques and designs and materials that can influence your decisions. There are also growing design styles to look out for. So what’s new for spring 2015, and what’s hot on the home improvement list?

Stone mountain custom professional kitchen backsplash mosaic webLED’s 

Remember when the price of going green with your lighting would break the bank? Well not anymore. From strips, to ropes, to bulbs, these lighting options are definitely growing, while the price tags are shrinking. We have handyman projects installing LED bulbs throughout entire homes to cut back on the electrical bill and save time replacing every few months. We added LED fixtures under kitchen cabinets during our recent kitchen renovations, we are even installing color changing, remote controlled, LED strips in our custom wall mounted fountains. And the uses arent limited to inside your home. We are installing LED path lighting when we landscape back yard planting beds,LED post caps on most decks, we even installed them on the posts of our sun shade sail project this week. So if there is an area that needs a little light, be on the look for this inexpensive option to add to your home.

Atlanta Sun Sail Shade Fabric Install

Staying cool

I mentioned the use of LED’s on a recent project that is sweeping across Atlanta and that is Sun Shade Sail, also called Shade Fabric and many other names. It’s a cool (look and feel) breathable shade cloth, canopy often in creative shapes and colors that not only add a great design element to your deck or patio, it also gives you a great place to hang out because the fabric blocks 90% of UV, yet allows air to pass through keeping the area underneath cool. They even carry a cool price tag. Because our installation is relatively quick and simple, calling for little more than a couple posts and cabling, you can expect a price of a couple hour install compared to an awning, or pergola installation that will run in the thousands.

2015 color trends

Color, Color, Color

The leaves have changed, summer colors are all around downtown Atlanta, but what about your home. I know for me, when it comes to picking colors for my walls, it can get to be a real guessing game, or maybe I will be inspired by my favorite DIY show (that was actually recorded almost a year ago). But if we are talking about what’s new, how about a few new colors to add to your spectrum. The folks at Behr have released their 2015 Spring Color Trend Report, and wow it reminds me of what color can really do. So take a glance, and consider this with your “My ATL to do list”.

Atlanta-modern-hardwood-flooring- InstallBigger and Better

We install tons of hardwood flooring throughout Atlanta, from vinyl to laminate to real wood. This is definitely something we love doing. We have incorporated planks on wood accent walls, even add wood tile in our custom shower installations. (yes in the shower! check out the photo gallery) So we really get to appreciate the transformations that that natural look of wood can bring to a remodel or renovation. Well, in 2015 extra wide and extra long planks are on the top of whats new in your home. I’m talking planks as wide as 10 inches and stretching 8 feet long! It’s the new way of capturing the deep wood character, think reclaimed barn wood. These large planks showcase the characteristics of wood in a way we haven’t seen before – the wider and longer the floorboard, the more the emphasis on the tactile qualities. This new look adds the perfect amount of rustic feel.


I’ve received many inquiries from our clients wondering how our 2014 Deck of the Year came about. So I’ll share the step by step footage and story of how a repair led to the deck of our clients dreams… Enjoy…..

Decatur deck of the year1 Decatur deck of the year2 Decatur deck of the year3 Decatur deck of the year4 Decatur deck of the year5 Decatur deck of the year6 Decatur deck of the year7 Decatur deck of the year8 Decatur deck of the year9 Decatur deck of the year10 Decatur deck of the year11 Decatur deck of the year12 Decatur deck of the year13 Decatur deck of the year14 Decatur deck of the year15 Decatur deck of the year16 Decatur deck of the year17 Decatur deck of the year18

Today I’m going to share a really neat and cool trick to safely get a broken light bulb out of the socket. Hopefully this will help with that age old, frustrating problem. Please observe the safety steps that we share and if this project is a too much please contact My ATL Handyman. Even though this is an easy fix, accidents can still happen…. Ok, lets get started!


1. First, never use your bare hands, or stick something into the fitting to get it out. There are two hazards when we deal with this situation: the breaking of the glass and the potential shock from electricity.  Make sure the power is off to the socket and remember that even though the switch is off, power is still present at the base of the light.

2. You can safely break the glass bulb and get a trash bag and put all the broken glass in it. Please remember to wear goggles, gloves and other protective gear
. Once again, note that even if the light switch is off, DO NOT not pry a stuck light bulb out. Here are some tips on how to remove a light bulb base that has become stuck in a light fixture.

My ATL broken bulb potato fix

3. Be amazed by a handyman’s handy potato. You can make an effective bulb extractor from an uncooked potato. Carve one end of the potato into a cylinder small enough to fit inside the base but engage it – about ¾”in diameter. Taper the tip of that cylinder and make a hole in the center of it to fit over the glass filament support.

4. Hold the potato by the unpeeled end and, push it firmly over the filament support and into the base. Then use it to turn the base counter- clockwise out of the socket.

If you have problems or questions, please contact My ATL Handyman, we will be happy to help you.

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