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Broken Light Bulb DIY My ATL Handyman Tip

Today I’m going to share a really neat and cool trick to safely get a broken light bulb out of the socket. Hopefully this will help with that age old, frustrating problem. Please observe the safety steps that we share and if this project is a too much please contact My ATL Handyman. Even though this is an easy fix, accidents can still happen…. Ok, lets get started!


1. First, never use your bare hands, or stick something into the fitting to get it out. There are two hazards when we deal with this situation: the breaking of the glass and the potential shock from electricity.  Make sure the power is off to the socket and remember that even though the switch is off, power is still present at the base of the light.

2. You can safely break the glass bulb and get a trash bag and put all the broken glass in it. Please remember to wear goggles, gloves and other protective gear
. Once again, note that even if the light switch is off, DO NOT not pry a stuck light bulb out. Here are some tips on how to remove a light bulb base that has become stuck in a light fixture.

My ATL broken bulb potato fix

3. Be amazed by a handyman’s handy potato. You can make an effective bulb extractor from an uncooked potato. Carve one end of the potato into a cylinder small enough to fit inside the base but engage it – about ¾”in diameter. Taper the tip of that cylinder and make a hole in the center of it to fit over the glass filament support.

4. Hold the potato by the unpeeled end and, push it firmly over the filament support and into the base. Then use it to turn the base counter- clockwise out of the socket.

If you have problems or questions, please contact My ATL Handyman, we will be happy to help you.

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